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DIY Faux Stone Pumpkins

Hello Everyone!

I hope your October is going well! I can’t believe how fast it is flying by! In fact the whole year is going too fast.

To celebrate everything pumpkin I made this easy, diy faux stone pumpkins.



  • Pumpkins ( I used ceramic ones from the dollar store, but almost any pumpkin will work)
  • stone-pumpkins-before-pic
  • Spray Paint Primer
  • Rust-oleum stone spray paint


After cleaning your pumpkin and protecting your work surface spray a coat of primer on all the pumpkins on all sides


Now it is time to paint. Have you seen this faux stone spray paint? It is awesome! I have a feeling that everything will become faux stone. The texture and look changes the closed you get to your project. It is a versatile tool that I have a feeling I will be using a lot in the future.


For 1 pumpkin I wanted to to use the darker color so I sprayed a base of oil rubbed bronze before the stone.


Then go to town painting the pumpkins. I did add a layer of the lighter color to the darker pumpkin because it was not matching well. But just keep going and paint layers according to the directions until you are happy with the results.  I am thrilled with how they turned out! So very cute


If you want you can spray a  sealer over the top to protect them.  I think these would look really cute outside as part of your outdoor decorations. Just be sure to protect them first.


And here they are as part of my DIY Painted Halloween Village display.  I think they added a nice touch to the display.


DIY Painted Halloween Village

Hello Everyone!

Halloween is fast approaching, and of course I get it in my head that I want to do some new Halloween decor.  At least this year I am getting it done before Halloween and not after, haha.

I saw a Halloween Village at the Dollar Store and thought it would be perfect to paint for Halloween



  • Ceramic houses (I found mine at the Dollar Store, but there are a lot of options out there. You could even use Christmas houses)
  • Metallic Paint
  • Gesso
  • Brushes, Stucco, Beads


When I saw these houses I thought that they were very cute, but the colors were not great. I didn’t think that they went together very well and the figurines were terrible.




Before the painting fun I had to prep the houses. I cleaned them then added a layer of Stucco to the roofs and anywhere there needed to be a rough detail. Then I added some beads to the grass area.




After the texture was dry I added a layer of black gesso. This gave me a blank canvas to work on. I did have to go back and touch up areas that I missed.


After the gesso was dry it was time for the fun painting! I used metallic acrylic paint and I mixed some Mica Powder with soft gloss gel for the green. I just dry brushed the colors onto the housed, adding and blending as I went. Once I was happy with the look I went on to the next house, until I was finished with the project.




Here is an up close picture of the detail of one of the houses and the bridge.


And here it is on display in my home. I really liked this project, it was fun to watch the housed change right before my eyes. Good thing I bought more houses from the Dollar Store, now I can create even more villages, haha



DIY Halloween Paper Lantern

Hello Everyone!

Halloween is fast approaching so I thought it would be fun to do an easy Halloween DIY. I have been doing a lot of mixed media projects that take a long time so easy was right up my alley.  The glitter that I added is hard to see, but trust me when I say that they are so cute.  This was a fun and easy way to spice up a dollar store paper lantern.



This is such an  easy project, let’s get started.


~ Paper lantern (I got mine from the dollar store, I thought the cat design was really cute)


~ Sitckles or White glue and glitter


This lantern was so cute I couldn’t pass it up, but it was lacking in the glitter department, so I decided to help it. I don’t know if you can see, but it is nice and plain, and not glittery. But not for long!


The first one I did was with Sickles. I just outlined the cat with black glitter Stickles and that made it so much cuter. Stickles are great, I used them for almost everything. Such and easy was to add glitter, and relatively mess free.

paper-lantern-stickles     paper-lantern-finished-stickles

The second one I wanted to see if glitter would look just as cute, and it did! Just take white glue and spread it in sections on the cat and pour black glitter on it.

paper-lantern-white-glue      paper-lantern-finished-glitter

I loved how they turned out! When they are lit you can’t see the shiny, glitter as well. But this way they look sparkly even in the day time.


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Fall Mason Jars


Christmas Mason Jars

Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas!

Do you remember the Fall Mason Jars I made a while back? Here is the link incase you missed it: Fall Mason Jars

Christmas mason jar

Well I updated them for Christmas just by making a new flowery top.

Christmas mason jar

Here is how I did it;



Christmas mason jar

~Mason Jar lid

Christmas mason jar

~Hot Glue


Christmas mason jar




~ Remove the old lid and save it for next year

~ Take a new lid and glue on flowers. For Christmas I used Poinsettias that I found at the Dollar Store

Christmas mason jarChristmas mason jar

Glue ribbon around the edge

Christmas mason jar

Fill with Candy and you are done. I didn’t use any window clings this time because I thought the red and green candies were enough.

Christmas mason jar

Christmas mason jar

Christmas mason jar

I am loving how easy it is to make these jars and how easy it is to store just the lids. And my boys love the candy in the jars Smile

DIY Witch’s hat

witch hat

With Halloween right around the corner (I can’t believe it, but with October almost here, the year will be wrapping up pretty quickly) I know that I need to get started on my Halloween decorations.

So, I was wandering around my local big box hardware store and I saw these really cute witches’ hats and I thought it would be the perfect decoration for my porch. But I looked at the price and thought I could make one for cheaper than that (it was almost $4 for a hat that was about 4 inches in height)  Here is a picture of the hat I found:

diy witch hat

So off to my local dollar store to see what I could find. I found a party hat and some Halloween garland, perfect!
diy witch hat
diy witch hat
So I cut out a circle (with a dinner plate as a guide) and glued this to the bottom of the hat. This made the brim.
diy witch hat
Then I smeared mod podge on the hat and started wrapping the garland around the hat. (I should make a note here, the garland came with little ghosts and skulls sticking out of the garland. I chose to cut them off, it made the hat too “busy” and not the look I was going for. So now I have a pile of ghosts and skulls that I am sure I will find something to do with soon. )
diy witch hat

I wrapped garland all around the hat and brim. Then I added a contrasting garland color the bottom of the hat, just for a fun detail. That’s it, not much to it.

In all it cost me about $4, so no real savings, but it was much larger than the little hat I found at the store. And they were selling bigger hats for about $8, so that is a savings.

diy witch hat

Finished hat! Doesn’t it look cute. I can’t wait to make more and line them up on my porch. Thoughts? Do you have a hat that you want to share? I would love to see it!

Lessons learned:

  1. I think I could make this with a tomato cage
  2. Wait for the end of the holiday for the sales and make them for next year.
  3. I used craft glue for gluing the brim on and the detail garland, but I am sure most any type of glue would work.

What else can I make? How about Christmas trees? The sky is the limit.

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