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Craft Fair Earrings and Jewelry Making Supply Storage

Hello Everyone!

Christmas craft fair season is upon us! Yikes, I am not ready! Anyone else doing craft fairs and are you ready?

One item I like to see are earrings. On a side note I only make and sell things I will use/wear/display in my home. Too often people try to make only what they think will sell and not what they actually like or that they would wear or use. This is my opinion, and I sure it is different from other opinions. Now I want to sell it all, but I know some things won’t sell and that is ok. And since I like it I will be more likely to use in my daily life.

One thing I do like to sell are cute little earrings. But before I get to the earrings I wanted to show you how  I organize my jewelry findings. I found these really great tool organizers at Harbor Freight.  Here is the link:

They are fantastic, I love how portable they are with the handle and each bin comes out so I take out what I need. There is a lot of room and they fit my needs perfectly.

The organizational bins behind the plastic storage is the metal strip my husband hung along with the magnetic containers from the dollar store. You can read the blog post here: Organizers

The earrings are really cute and fairly simple to make. All you do is add a French hook to a cute charm. I used a zipper pull and some other charms I had in my stash.

I like to use a variety of charms, not just Christmas ones. You never know what people will need or want.


Once I have a pile made I will package them and get them ready for the craft fair. If you are interested in seeing how I make my packaging and how I display my earrings let me know and I will write a post about it.

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DIY Wire Christmas Tree Earrings

DIY Wire Christmas Tree Earrings

Make the holidays merry with these easy DIY wire Christmas Tree earrings.

Hello Everyone

Do you ever dream about crafts, or is that just me? The other night I was dreaming about making wire Christmas Tree earrings, I know a little random but since I dreamt it I just had to try to make them.

Now the funny thing is is that I have never made anything like this before. I don’t usually work with wire, but I found that I love this technique and I have more ideas to make more jewelry.

Christmas tree earrings

I just love how my Christmas tree earrings turned out


  • Thin Wire- You can find it on Amazon here: Artistic Wire
  • French Hooks- You can find it on Amazon here: French Hooks
  • Star beads- I found mine at Oriental Trading- link here: Star bead, but the local craft stores might have something similar
  • Pliers and clippers and round objects in various sizes (this is to wrap the wire around)


You need to have a variety of round objects in various sizes. I started with a large marker and started wrapping, then I went to smaller marker then a pencil

Starting to wrap my Christmas tree earrings

I am starting to wrap my Christmas tree earrings

A smaller wrap for my Christmas tree earrings

Switching to a smaller wrap

The whole idea is to make the tree get smaller as you wrap it around. I wrapped it around each object about 3 times.  The wire I used was a bit thin, but it is a nice dainty look, but next time I think I will use a wire that is a bit heavier duty. This wire likes to bend a bit too easily for my liking. but I did like how it turned out.

Once I finished wrapping I added a french hook. Then I spent some time adjusting the wire to make sure it looked like a tree. I hind sight I probably should have used green wire, but I didn’t have that in my stash, so gold it is, lol.

When I looked at it I thought it was a bit too plain, so I thought I would add a star bead to the top.

I think the star bead is just what the trees needed! These earrings will be perfect the holiday parties this year.

Christmas tree earrings

The finished Christmas tree earrings

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DIY Sparkle Watches

Hello Everyone!

it has been a while since I did a sparkle project. But when I found these watches in my costume jewelry stash I just knew they needed some sparkle to make them so much better Smile

DIY Sparkle Watches


I love projects like this, so easy to do, but when they are done they look like a million bucks. They are fun and you can be as creative as you want.


All  you need is a watch (or any piece of jewelry)

glue and Rhinestones.

DIY Sparkle Watches



~ Find the rhinestones you want to use and glue them on using metal glue. That is it. I know, not too hard but really fun!

The first watch I wanted to do a red one. I wear a lot of red and I thought I needed a watch to go with my outfits.

DIY Sparkle Watches

So I took this great bangle watch and added red rhinestones around the edge of the watch face. Be careful not to get glue on the watch face (like me, lol) but some acetone took care of the mess

DIY Sparkle Watches

Then I added some circle and flower rhinestones around the band. I love how this turned out!

DIY Sparkle Watches

DIY Sparkle Watches


The other watch is more of a minimal look (for me at least, lol) It still does have a lot of bling going on.

DIY Sparkle Watches DIY Sparkle Watches

I just glued clear rhinestones on the band since the face had some sparkle going on anyway.

DIY Sparkle WatchesDIY Sparkle Watches

I just glued the rhinestone in between the joint on the band, just be careful not to glue the joints together.

So much fun! What do you have that you are going to bling?

DIY projects with glass animals

My Grandpa was a rock hound, he searched and collected rock for as long as I knew him. He loved rocks and he created some wonderful, beautiful jewelry with his rocks.

Here is a 70s fantastic picture with my Grandpa. I love this pic, it was taken not long after my brother was born (he is the baby in my Grandpa’s arms). I am the little cutie in my mom’s arms, my sister Valerie the cute little blondie, and my other sister Kim is the cutie sitting down.

diys with glass animals

And what I love best about the above picture is about 5 seconds after it was taken this next picture was taken (or maybe it was 5 seconds before the actual photo when my folks were trying to set everything up). But either way the before and after is funny. It is almost impossible to keep 4 kids in one place. It just makes me giggle every time I see it.

diys with glass animals

Anyway, I digress. As I said my Grandpa was a rock hound. It was fun to spend time in his rock shop and see his tools and rock and various treasures. When he passed my oldest sister, Kim, got almost all his rocks and tools. Well, I was visiting Kim a few weeks ago I spent some time digging around in the rocks she had. And I come home with a treasure trove! My Grandpa had these really cute glass animals, I knew I could do something with them. Be prepared for more future posts with rocks, I may have collected a ton from my sister….

diy with glass animals

Aren’t they cute! But you know real life happens and before I even started my craft projects Cole had to take a few (or 10) so this is all the remains. LOL. He also had first dibs on all the rocks I brought home, so I have significantly less than what I started with.  I love how interested he is  in rocks and nature.

I made some necklaces and some little decorations with the glass animals. I will divide this post into 2 parts, starting with the jewelry.


~ Glass animals (you can get these almost anywhere. I would look on Amazon, eBay, or do a quick Google search, or sometimes rock and or bead shops might have them)

~ Wire, pliers, jump rings

diy with glass animals


~ The little dogs had a little glass bump that was perfect for a jump ring. Add a jump ring  and a chain and you are good to go. I think this is the easiest project ever!

diy with glass animals     diy with glass animals

~ The giraffe was a little harder, but not much. Just take some wire and wrap it around the body of the giraffe.

Once you have wrapped it as much as you want then twist it at the top and add a jump ring, just watch for the center of gravity. You want to make sure your jump ring is in a place to make sure the giraffe will hang right. Then take the wire and twist to the bottom and secure and cut off extra. I am thinking that I will need to add a dab of glue to make sure it is secure.

diy with glass animals     diy with glass animals     diy with glass animals

~ Please note that these are glass and to be very careful when you wear them. These might not be suitable for children, they might break.

diy with glass animals     diy with glass animals

Making Glass Animal decorations


~ Rocks

~ Glue (I used Loctite, but E6000 would probably work, or any other glue like that)

~ Glass animals


~ Gather your rocks and animals. As you can see I have a lot, but this isn’t even a tiny fraction of what I brought home. I am so excited for all the rock projects I have in store!


diy with glass animals

~ Then glue your animals to the rock base and that is it! Display them on your favorite shelf. Reminder that these are glass and fragile, so you should be careful handling them and these are probably not for kids to play with.


diy with glass animals


Nice and easy for this Wonderful Wednesday! Check out my Etsy shop to purchase some of these creations.


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Repurpose Your Old Keys

Hello Everyone!

One of my goals this year is to use what I already have. I am trying not to purchase new things and to up cycle, repurpose,  and recycle as many items as I can.

With that in mind I decided to repurpose some old keys I found in my desk drawer at work. After making sure they didn’t work or went to anything important I went to town making them awesome.

Repurpose old keys

They are easy to do, just glue on some flower, rhinestones, button, or brad. Add a jump ring and you are done.

Here is my pile of plain keys.

Repurposed old keys

I used Loctite glue and it is holding really well.

Repurpose old keys

Adding the jump ring is easy to do

Repurpose old keys

Here are some of the rhinestones and flowers I used. I am loving the rhinestone brand Say It With Crystals and the flower brand Prima Flowers.

Repurpose old keys     Repurpose old keys     Repurpose old keys     Repurpose old keys


As for the steampunk keys I just found some steampunk doo dads at Michaels in the jewelry/bead  department. I had some old brads in my stash and bent the ends off and glued them on. As for the buttons I just cut the shank off and glued it on. The metal flowers are something I had laying around,I am sorry I can’t remember where I got them, but I added a rhinestone and jazzed it up and I think I turned out great.

Repurposed old keys     Repurposed old keys

Repurposed old keys     Repurposed old keys


Don’t be afraid to mix and match things, you might surprise your self with your creations.  I even removed part of the flower for one of the keys, It was too big otherwise.  I would love to see what you come up with.

Repurpose old keys

I will have some of these keys in my Etsy shop, along with other creations.

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DIY Altered Necklace I wore to my Birthday Dinner

Hi All!

I am happy to be back in the swing of things and I am starting today off with a DIY necklace. I showed you this necklace last week, it is the one I wore to my birthday dinner with my hubby. It is just a simple alteration to make it more my style.

I think the results work for me, what do you think?

Linda getting ready for her birthday dinner

Here is how I did it.


~ Necklace

~ Needle Nose pliers

~ Jump Rings or extra chain length

~ Metal Clippers



~ I found this necklace at Wal-Mart on clearance. Yikes, it was a little much for me. I am not very tall (as in I  reach 5’1” if I stretch Smile  ) so when I wear  a necklace that is too big for me it looks like I am weighed down. For someone of my height more is not always better Smile

~ Take your necklace and cut off the parts you don’t want. I am saving them for another project.

alltered necklace

~ After I took off the parts I didn’t like I found that that the necklace was a little short, so I added a length of chain so that it fit me.

~ When you cut off the unnecessary pieces, save what you can  you might need it for later. I reused the metal clips holding the two pieces together.

Altered necklace cutting instructions


altered necklace reattached instructions

And that is it! Simple alteration to make the necklace into a necklace that I will wear all the time.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

New Years Day is always a fun one for me. Not only is it a start to a new year, but it is my birthday. I find it is nice to reflect on the year that has passed, but it is fun to wonder and speculate about the upcoming year.

This blog has been so much fun and I can’t wait to see where it goes next year! You guys are the best, I thoroughly enjoy all the comments and suggestions you give me. You guys make me want to create more, you inspire me.

I have big plans for the blog this year. I want to do 2 projects a week (ambitious I know, but I think I can make it happen most of the time) and I will feature new and old products so you guys can see what I use and what is out there for your projects.

It is going to be a fun year and I am excited that you will make the journey with me.


Here is a sneak peak of next week’s projects. I wore this outfit for my birthday dinner with my hubby. I am wearing an altered necklace and I added lace to my shirt. I will show you how next week.


DIY Shirt and altered necklace


DIY Shirt and altered necklace

DIY Shirt and altered necklace


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Guest blogger- Kim teaches us how to transform old costume jewelry.

Not long after I started this blog I mentioned it to my friends and family that I had a blog and if anyone wanted to be a guest blogger to just let me know and I would feature them. Well I wasn’t surprised that my oldest sister was the first to offer.

Here is a picture of me and all 3 of my siblings., Linda, Valerie, and Kim)

I can’t believe that this picture is 4 or 5 years old (yikes, it is time for us all together and take some new pictures. My hair hasn’t been red in years…),but you work with what you got and this is it. That is the problem when everyone lives all over the country, it is hard for all of us to be in the same city at the same time.  And when we do get together we don’t think to get the camera out and take pictures. I think this has just become one of my new priorities, get new family pictures.

But before I go into the tutorial I thought I would give you a little background about my family. When I was typing this blog post I realized that I haven’t spent much time talking about my family, other than my husband and son. I have 2 older sisters and a younger brother. So that puts me in the middle of the kids. It was fun having so many siblings growing up, but sometimes I got lost in the mix. I am sure that anyone with lots of siblings feels the same way.  Today’s guest post is from my oldest sister, Kim.  She is about 7 years older than me and I always looked up to her. She now lives in Arizona so it is hard to get together, but when we do see each other we always have fun! Kim has a wonderful talent making jewelry. Whether it is her own creation or taking something and reimagining it. I love seeing what she comes up with just some beads and wire.

Here is the beautiful bracelet that she made me soon after my son was born.  It is silver and garnet (his birthstone) and gorgeous and and it fits perfectly and every time I wear it I get tons of complements.

In today’s guest post I will show you the awesome jewelry that Kim made from old costume jewelry that she inherited from our Great Grand Aunt Nancy.

Kim’s Guest Blog Post!

Ever find that fantastic old piece of jewelry but you cannot wear it in the condition you found it in. This happened end to me. My sisters and I were helping our mom go through her jewelry and found that she had our Great Grand Aunt Nancy’s jewelry box and I found this pendant and earrings and I cannot resist some good sparkle.  (Sorry took this picture after I had taken one earring apart)

reimagining old costume jewelry
The pendant was easy just a longer chain. Aunt Nancy was 4’8″ and a petit dancer. I am not.
Then the screw on clip earrings were next.

reimagining old costume jewelry

I removed the dangle. The key is to examine the loop and find the one that has the break. Then twist the ring open. Most of the time in these cases the ring with the break is found on the clip side and the dangle is whole.

When working with old jewelry be sure you check the integrity of the ring. If it is showing significant wear then it may need additional repairs before continuing. (If I find one that needs repair I will show this in a future posting)
I then added the dangle to an ear wire. By using a modern long ear wire I was able to update the look without compromising the original charm.

reimagining old costume jewelryreimagining old costume jewelry
I found these ear wires at Hobby Lobby but they can be found at any number of craft and bead stores or online. I liked these because the “diamonds” on the ear wire complement the crystals in the dangles.

I also love that the dangles are so easy to remove because then I can make a bunch of different dangles and change them out.
Have fun with old charm and modern looks.

Thanks for sharing Kim, the earrings and necklace turned out beautifully! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Turn an ugly statement necklace into a new beautiful pendant

What do you do when you see such an unfortunate necklace on deep clearance at Walmart? Well, you buy 2 of them and take it home with the hopes that you can find something  to do with them when you get home.

So that is exactly what I did.

Now, you make like this necklace as is and I apologize if I hurt your feeling by saying it is ugly. But it is rather ugly. All of the colors are different and they are all on this weird vinyl that will surely turn yellow with age.

 showing off new pendant

This project is so easy it was well worth the embarrassment of buying such and ugly necklace.


~ Necklace

~ Glue (I used E6000)

~ Jump rings

~ needle nose pliers

~ Chain



This is easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Cut the jewel off that you want to turn into a pendant. I cut the vinyl around the pendant, but I left it in the middle. This was just incase I needed more area to glue on the jump ring.

2. Glue the jump ring on the back with E6000. Let it dry over night before you add the other jump ring.

3. Once dry add the other jump ring (open it with the pliers) and chain.


easy as 1 2 3


That is it. Then rock your new pendant that is now beautiful instead of gaudy.

I just have 4 more clusters that I can make into something fabulous. Any suggestions?

Fair warning, I did purchase a bunch of these statement necklaces that are all different shapes and sizes, so you will be seeing them a lot as I get busy transforming them. Smile 




rocking the new pendant

Turn an old pin into a hair barrette

Now I know this is a super easy project. It is one I did in a few minutes and I love how it turned out.

This is all about seeing the world in a new light, and changing the things that are almost right but not quite.

So this is where this pin transformation comes in to place. I had this pin that was a little bold for my taste as a pin (I bought it on super clearance and couldn’t pass up the deal), but as a barrette it was perfect.


turn a pin into a barrette


~ Pin

~ Barrett

~ glue



1. Pull off the old pin back, you can see the glue that the pin left behind but don’t worry you can’t see it when you are wearing your new barrette. This design had felt as the backing so it was super easy to pull the pin off, if you are working with metal this step is much harder. I don’t have pictures of this step, but you can visualize how it is done.

2. Glue the barrette on to the design.

glue the new barrette to the back     front of my new barrette


3. Rock your new barrette (I even took a bathroom selfie so I could show you what it looks like in my hair Smile )

That is it! I know this may sound too easy but I just wanted to post about how you can turn something that you really don’t care for into something that you absolutely love. I am constantly looking at how I can change things to better suit me and I would love to know more about what you do to change thing to suit you.

Rocking the new barrette

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