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I am in love with creating new things. This blog is just some of the things I create.

I like to try new things, and practice old things. Some things I find from other sites and some things I make up on my own and sometimes it is a little bit of both.

I will have everything on this site from painting to crochet to photography to home decor and everything in between.

This blog is all about trying new things, and I like to show you what I made. There is something for everyone on this site and I am excited to show you all the cool new things that we can make together!

I am a blogger, wife, mommy, business owner, traveler, and photographer. My name is Linda, come and join me on my adventure.

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  1. Hi Linda 🙂

    Lovely Blog here . I got so much to learn from you

  2. Linda, fantastic blog, is there any place I can go to buy your stuff?

  3. Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by my space today. Your blog title really resonates with me. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Lol! You have some neat projects here. So glad to know someone else enjoys taking time to create!

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