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Hello Everyone!

I have this art journal that is getting a little big to work in, lol. It very puffy and unwieldy, so I decided that I am done creating in it. So I filmed an art journal tour so you can see all the pages I created in my journal

Some of the pages I did video tutorials and some of the pages I did not. It was fun to create and explore in this journal, and it was fun to look back at my growth. 

Elephant art journal page
Elephant Art journal page

I explored so many different techniques and styles, this was my safe space. A journal where I could explore and create without always worrying if it was “right” or not. 

Winter page
Winter art journal page

I did have some extra blank pages at the end of the journal, so I removed them to use them later. I really like this journal (it is a Ranger journal) the paper held up to all the different mediums I used. I love the larger size, I will be repurchasing this same journal to continue my journey. 

butterfly art journal page
New beginnings art journal page

I am excited to keep creating and to finish more journals. 

Have you completed a journal and what is your favorite one to work in?


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  1. This was really interesting! Thanks for sharing! I love all of the layers that are built into each page.

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