Monogram Wood Burn Coasters

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Before I get into my DIY I just wanted to let you know that there will be some updates coming to the blog. The design will be getting an overhaul. All the same content will be here, hopefully it will be easier to find and navigate to.

I am excited for the updates, and I will keep you posted on the progress.


Last week I told you guys about my cousin getting married (I made a clutch to go with my shoes. You can see that post here) The wedding was beautiful! I am so happy for them.

I wanted to give them something special for their wedding so I decided to try out my wood burning tool. (I have had it for a while, just never used it)

I thought coasters would be good for the newly weds,  and a monogram of their last name would be perfect.

monogram wood burn coaster


~ wood ( You can use scraps you have around, or pick some up at a store. I found mine at Michaels)

~ Wood burn tool

~ graphite paper

~ print out of what you want to wood burn (I just created my monogram in word and printed it on my computer)

~ Stain (I used a pre stain because of the nature of the soft wood I was using, then I used a natural stain, and finished with a clear coat)

~sandpaper and foam paint brushed

~ Felt or cork for the back


First you lightly sand the wood to make sure it is nice and smooth.

Then you transfer the design onto the wood. I traced the design with a pencil using graphite paper. This worked really well.

monogram wood burn coaster

Then I stared to outline the monogram with the wood burn tool.

 monogram wood burn coaster

This was my first attempt at making something with the wood burn tool and I learned to go at a steady pace with even pressure. 

 monogram wood burn coaster

Also be very careful, the tool is HOT. I even have the band aid to prove how hot the tool can get Smile

monogram wood burn coaster

Once it was completed and I was happy with the design I pretreated the wood with a Pre-Stain. Then I followed up with a natural stain and finished with a clear coat. Follow the directions on the stain to get the best results.

monogram wood burn coaster

Then I put self adhesive felt on the back, and then I was done!

monogram wood burn coaster

This was such a fun project!  It did take a little while to get the hand of wood burning, but now that I get it I have a ton of other projects that I have in mind! These are perfect gifts for everyone!

monogram wood burn coaster

monogram wood burn coaster



  1. Nice project and a wonderful gift!

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