Turn an Ikea bookcase into a bench

Hello Everyone!

Isn’t Ikea one of the most wonderful places on Earth? I mean they have everything, all in one place!

Well a little while ago I was looking for the perfect bench to put in my kitchen, near the door. I couldn’t find anything that I liked, but I did see people on Pinterest turning an Ikea bookcase into a bench.

Turn an Ikea bookcase into a bench

It is very simple to do.


~ bookcase the is strong enough to handle the weight when tipped on its side. I used the Ikea Expedit, but I don’t think they have that anymore. But check around they might have a suitable alternative.

~ Plywood for the top

~ Foam cushion

~ Fabric

~ Staple gun


~ First assemble the bookcase. They might take awhile and you might need help. If you want to raise the height now is the time to add legs to the bench. I didn’t want them, but you may want something different

~ For the cushion, cut the plywood the size of the bench top

~ Then  you make a sandwich of fabric on the bottom, ( I used a strip to help me keep it all in line. The fabric possibilities are endless) then the foam and lastly the plywood. Then stretch and staple all around.

Turn an Ikea bookcase into a benchTurn an Ikea bookcase into a bench

Turn an Ikea bookcase into a bench

I used this same technique when we redid the entry closet. You can see that transformation: here

Turn an Ikea bookcase into a bench

And that is it. A very easy way to transform a room and increase your storage.

Is there any Ikea transformations that you have done in your house?



  1. I like that. The Expedit was so versatile

  2. I used the Hemnes TV stand base, but I had to add legs for strength. It’s a little wider, though, so it makes a better bench for sitting on sideways. Yours looks great!

  3. First of all, thank you for visiting my blog & liking my post! Second, and more importantly, this is a great tutorial! I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a window seat & I love how clear & simple your instructions are. Can’t wait to try this soon!

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