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Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media

Hello Everyone!

I have another fabric mixed media for you today. I am feeling like I need some spring, so I created this hibiscus flower fabric mixed media canvas. 

It was so good to get back into my fabric mixed medias and this one turned out great. 

I just used pink and green fabric as my base, this canvas didn’t need a lot of fabric colors to make it work. 

Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media
Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media

The bold flower in the center works great with the green background. And the gold beads in the center off set the flower perfectly.


Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media
Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media

I love all the texture and interest you get when using fabric. It makes the flower come alive.

Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media
Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media

If you want to recreate this canvas here is the photo I used as my reference, you are able to use it as a reference photo only. 

Hibiscus reference photo copy write Take Time To Create, LLC
Hibiscus reference photo copy write Take Time To Create, LLC.
Subject to terms and conditions of reference photos.

This has gotten me inspired to create new canvases, I can’t wait to show you what I decide to do next!

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Blue Fabric Mixed Media Frame

Hello Everyone!

Have you ever finished a project and thought  you were done only to realize that you weren’t? Well that is exactly what happened to me with this Blue Mixed Media Fabric Frame.

A little while ago I created the fabric frame and I thought it was pretty cute as is. If you missed that blog post you can catch it here: Fabric Frame

And the original frame was really cute and I did love it, but as I thought about it I thought it needed more. And by more, I mean a lot, lol. So I embellished it, and painted it some more. I love how it turned out and it is a personal choice how much or how little you add to your frame.

Fabric Frame

As you can see the original just has fabric and paint, but the embellished one has flowers, pearls, metal elements, and more added to the frame.

Fabric Frame

I clustered 2 groupings on opposite corners of the frame. I added a variety of elements to create interest and texture to the frame. If you know what photo you will be putting in the frame you can tailor the elements to the photo, I think that would look amazing.


Fabric Frame

After the gesso was all dry I painted over everything with Finnabari Sparks and Metallique paints. They were the same colors as the original frame and I thought that would help make it all cohesive.


Fabric Frame

The last step was adding splashes all over to really blend the original and the new elements together. I wanted it to look like I planned it all at once, lol.

Fabric Frame

I really like how this all came together. I love adding new elements on top of project I thought I had finished.

What project did you think you finished but went back later to add embellishments to? Share in the comments.

Fabric Frame

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Sailboat- a Mixed Media Fabric Canvas

Hello Everyone!

Are you ready for another Fabric Canvas? I am still loving the fabric and the process of creating a canvas with fabric.

This scene was inspired by our recent vacation to Ft Lauderdale. We saw a lot of boats on the water and they looked so peaceful and wonderful that I knew I had to create one on a canvas with fabric.

I did use a smaller canvas than normal, but I really liked how it turned out.  And I used a variety of blues for the water and sky. I wanted to create depths and dimension with just one color. There are so many blues out there it was fun to pick and choose which one to use to get the look I was going for.

sailboat canvas

I used a heavy body paint from Finnabair to paint the boat, and that added additional texture and dimension to the boat. I really enjoyed that paint and I am looking forward to using it even more.

sailboat canvas

The last details were painted on to the sky and water with regular acrylic paint and that is what the painting needed.  I didn’t add any metalic paints or sparks or glitter to this canvas. I kept it all matte and I think that was the right choice for this piece of art.

sailboat canvas

This was such a fun piece to create and it was a great way to commemorate a wonderful vacation.


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