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Sunflower Mixed Media Canvas

Hello Everyone!

Fall is in the air and I am just loving it! I especially love seeing all the sunflowers, they are my favorite flowers! They are so pretty, and bright. Seeing all the sunflowers I was inspired to make a Sunflower Mixed Media Canvas.

Sunflower Mixed Media

Let me tell you how I made this canvas!

First I started with a canvas board and covered it with different ribbons (I adhered it with modeling paste), then I covered it all with black gesso.

Sunflower Mixed Media

I painted the canvas with a few different shades of blue acrylic paint.  I loved how it looks like a sky, but it was a little bright,  I did end up toning it down by the time I was finished.

Sunflower Mixed Media

Now it is time to add all the goodies!! I had this pack of rusty nails that I found in my Grandpa’s shop, I couldn’t pass up this great texture. (be careful if you are using rusty nails, I wore gloves and washed my hands often)

I added book pages, burlap, other metal items, flowers, hinges, clear round dots, keys, brads, hot glue, and anything else I could find. Just use what you have in your stash and around the house. I  adhered it all with modeling paste (I tinted the paste with some brown acrylic paint).

Sunflower Mixed Media

Once everything was all dry I primed the elements with clear gesso then I sprinkled mica powder on (yellow in the flowers, green in the grass and stems, and blue in the sky) I added water to activate it and I loved the look. Once that was all dry I dry brushed acrylic paint all over to add more color and details.

I am in love with how it turned out! I used such a random assortment of products, I will list them all below for you. As always, let me know if you have and questions on this project.

Sunflower Mixed Media

Sunflower Mixed Media

Sunflower Mixed Media


Materials used: (affiliate links)

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DIY Chalkboard Record

Hello Everyone!

What do you do with all those old records that are just laying around? Well, today I decided to turn some of them into a really cute chalkboard. BTW- I have a ton of records so be prepared for a lot more record tutorials, lol.

You can check out the video on how I did it.


This is such an easy tutorial, you can make a few at a time,  perfect for dorms, offices, or even gifts.



Primer (I used Kilz 2)

Chalkboard paint (I used the spray paint version)



Clean the record before you get started. I really liked the center of some of the records so I taped over them to protect them from the paint.

The others I just left and painted over the whole thing. I really like both versions.

DIY Chalkboard record

DIY Chalkboard record

Then I primed the records. Actually, I just primed 2 of them and just painted the other 2. I think it worked out just fine without the primer, so that is up to you what you want to do.

DIY Chalkboard record

Then I applied 3-4 coats of chalkboard paint on the record. Do this outside. Follow the instructions on the can they are all a little different.

DIY Chalkboard record

Once they were fully dry and after 24 hours I conditioned the record by rubbing chalk all over it  and cleaning it off. Then they were good to go! Old records repurposed into a really cool chalkboard!

Now, the question I always get asked, is how do you hang the record once you are done. You can use a plate hanger, or velcro command strips, or nail, or screw it in through the hole. Or you can get a picture display stand and out it on your desk. They are a ton of way to display your new record.


DIY Chalkboard record

I am in love with how this turned out.

What have you made with old records? I am needing some ideas for the stack I have acquired!

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Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard

Hello Everyone!

As many of you already know I was working a project for a Mental Health Awareness charity auction. We were all repurposing and painting old windows. Here you can see my post about creating a shabby chic message board. Today I am going to walk you through how I made this chalkboard with an old window.

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard



~Old window. This window had pealing paint and a crack in the Plexiglas, so it was perfect for this project.

~ Cleaning supplies and sandpaper

~ Paint, brushes, and tape for the frame

~ Primer, chalkboard paint, and brushes for the chalkboard part.



~ The first step is to prep the window. Not the most fun, but it is necessary for a successful project. I sanded all the edges until they were smooth and ready to paint. This took a while because the window was so rough.

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard

~ Then you paint the frame. I did tape off the Plexiglas because I am not the neatest painter. I used Artist’s Loft in Metallic Cobalt Blue, I love the iridescent quality of the blue paint.

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard

~ Paint away. Kitty help is essential to the success of any craft project Smile Starlight is my favorite kind of help, lol.

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard

I did 2 coats of the blue

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard.

~ After the frame had dried for a day I taped off the frame part and prepped the Plexiglas. First I lightly sanded the glass so that the paint would adhere. Then I put a coat of primer on according to the directions. I used Kilz primer.

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard

~ Once the primer was dry I painted 4 coats of chalkboard paint on according to the directions. I used Rustoleum Chalkboard paint. Once it was dry and cured for 3 days I conditioned the chalkboard according to the directions.

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard

~ Once it was completely dry and conditioned I took a stencil and painted a design in the corners and added some flowers and that is it. A new chalkboard for an old window

Repurpose an old window into a Chalkboard

Have you painted and or repurposed an old window? How did it turn out? I would love to see pictures!

Re-purpose an old window into a shabby chic message board

If you follow my Instagram (taketimetocreate) then I am sure you have already seen the reveal of this repurposed window. For those of you who don’t follow me there here the shabby chic message board!

repurpose window to shabby chic message board

I have to say I do love the way it turned out! This all started when my friend asked me to paint a window for a silent auction for mental health awareness. At first I wasn’t too interested, not because I didn’t believe in the cause (because this is one cause I totally support) it was because I wasn’t sure I had a design that would work. Most everyone else did a more traditional painted window with flowers on the glass and things like that. Well of course I didn’t follow the crowd. So I did my own thing and hopefully it will bring in a lot of money for the charity!

Here is how I did the repurposing.

~ old window (for this to work you for magnets you will need one with a metal screen)
~ sandpaper, tape, cleaning supplies
~ paint and brush
~ cork
~ flowers, magnets, tacks, and clothes pins
~ ribbon and burlap

~ The first thing you will need to do is sand down all the rough edges and smooth it out. Once you like the feel of the window then give it a good cleaning.


~ Now you are ready to paint. I taped around the edges to help cut down on how much paint went on the screen, and this seemed to help.
Paint a couple coats until you get it to how you like it. I used this white acrylic paint that I had on hand.

white acrylic paint

~ Cut your cork down to size and glue it on to the screen. I just glued the edges with a metal glue and that seems to hold it pretty well.

add cork to window

~Then I went to work decorating the edge. Shabby chic is all about layers so that is what I did. I put down a layer of burlap, the layered on a layer of crochet ribbon that I had in my stash.

add ribbon and burlap

That looked good, but I felt like it was missing something, so I added a ribbon on top and flowers in the corners.

add more ribbon

Then I added ribbon to the bottom of the screen and to the bottom of the window. Once that was done it was time to add the flower decorations.

~ For the flowers add a magnet the back of some and tack to the others. For the clothes pins I just added ribbon to a plain clothes pin I got from the dollar store.

glue magnets to flowers

And that is it. This is a very fun project that is easy to do and I loved using what I had on hand. I can’t wait for the auction and hopefully they will make a lot of money for their cause!

repurpose window to shabby chic message board

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

Have you ever seen a sweater that is just not in style anymore and you know that it could be something else? I had that thought when I saw this sweater my mom was donating. It was wonderful with the embroidery detail, but a little dated.

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

I mean, check out this detail! pretty great.

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

So I decided to repurpose it into a hat!

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

This is a very easy tutorial.

Here is what you do:



~A hat that fits you

~needle and thread or sewing machine.


I lined up a hat that fit me (I love this hat but since it is wool I itch every time I wear it. But I got it in Iceland and it fits perfectly so I keep it. I just need to sew a lining in the hat then I can wear it all the time. That is a project for another time…)

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

Cut around the hat (make sure you don’t cut your hat) and add a seam allowance

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

Turn inside out and pin and sew around the edge. If you line up your new hat with the bottom of the sweater you won’t need to worry about hemming a bottom edge!

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat


Turn right side out and you are done. I decided to cut off some of the really cool flowers and add them to the hat with fabric glue.

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat     DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat


All done! Nice and easy repurposing and now you have a cute hat to rock. Good thing March is typically a snowy month for us, I might be able to wear it this year.

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

Repurpose Your Old Keys

Hello Everyone!

One of my goals this year is to use what I already have. I am trying not to purchase new things and to up cycle, repurpose,  and recycle as many items as I can.

With that in mind I decided to repurpose some old keys I found in my desk drawer at work. After making sure they didn’t work or went to anything important I went to town making them awesome.

Repurpose old keys

They are easy to do, just glue on some flower, rhinestones, button, or brad. Add a jump ring and you are done.

Here is my pile of plain keys.

Repurposed old keys

I used Loctite glue and it is holding really well.

Repurpose old keys

Adding the jump ring is easy to do

Repurpose old keys

Here are some of the rhinestones and flowers I used. I am loving the rhinestone brand Say It With Crystals and the flower brand Prima Flowers.

Repurpose old keys     Repurpose old keys     Repurpose old keys     Repurpose old keys


As for the steampunk keys I just found some steampunk doo dads at Michaels in the jewelry/bead  department. I had some old brads in my stash and bent the ends off and glued them on. As for the buttons I just cut the shank off and glued it on. The metal flowers are something I had laying around,I am sorry I can’t remember where I got them, but I added a rhinestone and jazzed it up and I think I turned out great.

Repurposed old keys     Repurposed old keys

Repurposed old keys     Repurposed old keys


Don’t be afraid to mix and match things, you might surprise your self with your creations.  I even removed part of the flower for one of the keys, It was too big otherwise.  I would love to see what you come up with.

Repurpose old keys

I will have some of these keys in my Etsy shop, along with other creations. TakeTimeToCreate.etsy.com

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links in this post

Transform old jewelry into something new with this easy DIY

So a few weeks ago I won an old costume jewelry lot auction on eBay.  I won a huge box of old costume jewelry, it was filed with tons of goodies. Some pieces were broken, others were still in good condition just ugly, and some were wonderful as is.

So I took a pair of earrings that were not to my taste and updated them with a little bit of nail polish. The original yellow is a color I don’t wear because I don’t like the color and it doesn’t look good on me at all. 

Here is the before and after pictures so you can see what I did.


It is a very easy project one that would be fun to do with kids.


Jewelry. Not all jewelry will work, but these earrings worked great.

sand paper, or emery board

nail polish (I used a base colors, sparkles, and a top coat)

And that is it, you really don’t need much for this project.




First I roughed up the surface of the earrings. This is to prep the surface so that the nail polish will have something to adhere to.


Then I painted the red solid color on the earrings. don’t forget to paint the edges, I didn’t want any of the yellow showing through. I stuck the earrings in a shoe box lid to dry so I didn’t mess them up by touching them all the time.


I used N.Y.C. nail polish in Big Apple Red Crème. I painted on 3 coats, letting it dry in between coats.


Once I was happy with the base color I added the sparkles. I am a big fan of anything glittery and this was a no brainer for me to add sparkles. Of course it is up to you if you want to add sparkles or not. I used Deborah Lippmann’s 99 Luftballons

20150709_191021        20150709_191025

Once the sparkles were dry I added a clear top coat.


And that is it. Much better, don’t you think.


Since this was so easy I think I have a few more pieces that need to be updated…

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