So I have this no soliciting sign on my front door, and it has worked for years, but is was ugly and boring. (it was just a print out from my computer) so I thought I would dress it up with an awesome frame from Hobby Lobby.

We get tons of people coming by to try and sell us things, or to sign a petition. The college students like to come to our neighborhood because the houses are close together and it is easy to talk to more people. But when I get people ringing my doorbell every night of the week it gets a little old. Hence the sign.

Now, we love Girl Scout cookies, so every Girl Scout is welcome to come by and sell, I will probably buy some cookies (who can resist, not me) and since my son is a Boy Scout I figure it is only fair to include their popcorn in the exception list. (not to mention it is yummy as well).

So, to attach it my husband just screwed it to the wall and we were good to go. I think it looks very pretty and a nice way to dress up a sign.

What do you think? Suggestion, questions, improvements? Free free to use it and make it even better.