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Alter a Statement Necklace into a Hair Barrette

Hello everyone!

Today I am showing you how I altered another one of those Statement Necklaces I got from Wal-Mart a few months ago. In case you forgot about these Statement Necklaces  here are a few posts about how I altered different necklaces.

You can see them Here, Here, and Here

Part of this necklace will become a new, pretty barrette.

alter a necklace into a barrette















~ Statement Necklace

~ Wire cutters

~ Glue (I used E-6000)

~ Barrette or alligator clip

~ Nail Polish, I used this LA Colors nail polish from the Dollar Store and for the glitter top coat I used a Wet n Wild glitter top coat.

alter necklace into a barrette











~ Here is my necklace in all its glory. There are a ton of colors going on and it is too much, even for me.  Here is a side by side image with what I started with and what I ended up with.

Alter necklace to a barrette













So the first thing you do is take  your wire cutters and cut the necklace apart. You want to separate the clusters.

 alter necklace into a barrette alter necklace into a barrette



















~ Then I painted all the multicolored sections with nail polish a beautiful blue. In hindsight I probably should have painted a base coat of white before I painted the blue, you can see that the colors are slightly different, but not too much. I put on about 3 coats.

alter a necklace into a barrette

~ it is pretty, but it needed a little sparkle. So I painted a glittery top coat. Ahh, much better. You can see the glitter in this pic.  Let it dry completely

alter necklace into a barrette














~ Glue a barrette or alligator clip to the back and you are done.


Nice and easy, and it looks so cute.


alter necklace into a barrette

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

New Years Day is always a fun one for me. Not only is it a start to a new year, but it is my birthday. I find it is nice to reflect on the year that has passed, but it is fun to wonder and speculate about the upcoming year.

This blog has been so much fun and I can’t wait to see where it goes next year! You guys are the best, I thoroughly enjoy all the comments and suggestions you give me. You guys make me want to create more, you inspire me.

I have big plans for the blog this year. I want to do 2 projects a week (ambitious I know, but I think I can make it happen most of the time) and I will feature new and old products so you guys can see what I use and what is out there for your projects.

It is going to be a fun year and I am excited that you will make the journey with me.


Here is a sneak peak of next week’s projects. I wore this outfit for my birthday dinner with my hubby. I am wearing an altered necklace and I added lace to my shirt. I will show you how next week.


DIY Shirt and altered necklace


DIY Shirt and altered necklace

DIY Shirt and altered necklace


Continue reading

A Rhinestone Cast! Guest Blog by Kathy Sigda

Kathy is my good friend and over Thanksgiving she fractured her arm Sad smile Not a good way to start the holidays, but she found a way to make her cast fabulous!


20150805_081746         20150806_095929

Here we are at Disneyland this summer! Best trip ever, and if you look in the background you can see the awesome face my son is making. Smile 


Here is how she went about blinging out her cast


A plain cast on my left arm just was not working for me, it was really cramping my style, even though I got to pick out the color and it was purple. Why the cast? Well, here’s the real story, although people keep telling me to just say that I was fighting off a bunch of ninjas. I was shoveling our driveway the day after Thanksgiving, in preparation to move the car so I could get to the attic to bring down the Christmas decorations. There was only about an inch of snow, but it was a little slick so I went inside to put my boots on so that I wouldn’t slip! Well that didn’t work out very well, I slid on the ice, caught myself with my left arm, and broke my wrist! A trip to the ER instead of a trip to the attic, and the Christmas decorations would have to wait another week.

Staring at my purple cast, I thought to myself, “This cast is pretty ugly. How can I make it better? What Would Linda Do?” (Linda being a dear friend of mine and the owner of this blog). Then a mutual friend of Linda’s and mine suggested rhinestones! What a great idea!

Here is a picture of the purple cast, plain and boring.


Although Linda has a lifetime supply of rhinestones, I don’t have quite that many. I decided to go shopping! Found a nice set of designs at Hobby Lobby (in the scrapbook aisle), and it was on sale! Jackpot! I paid $3.50 for this.


It was a simple process to peel and stick one of the rhinestone designs onto the cast. It adhered quite nicely to the cast material. I’m sure my friend Linda would take the time to glue each rhinestone on with E-6000 glue, but I decided to try this and see if it will stay. If not, there are still three more designs in the pack!

20151210_162522     20151210_162538 



I am a little concerned about what will happen while I sleep, so I thought I would cover it up with some Glad Press-n-Seal. I have learned this stuff is amazing for cast care, you can cover the cast with it and take a shower! It sticks to just about everything, I am hoping it will not stick to the rhinestones but will just protect them and then will peel off easily in the morning. We’ll see.



The blinged-out cast, covered with a layer of press-n-seal


Update: The next morning, it still looks great!





I am so glad that it worked and that Kathy has her bling on as she is healing. BTW love the giraffe cell phone case! Get better soon!

Update your handbags, purses, and clutches!

So I bought these really cheap handbags. It came in a set of 3 bags. There was a clutch, cross body bag and a handbag. They are fine on their own, but a little boring, so I decided to fix that.

With a little help from my clearance statement necklaces that I found at Walmart and a little glue I was able to update my purses and create a whole new look.

Here is the clutch. Love.

create a new look by updating your purse

Here is the cross body bag. So cute!

create a new look by updating your purse

And here is the handbag. Perfect!

create a new look by updating your purse


It is easy to do, here is what you need


~ handbag or purse that needs a little updating

~ glue that will work on metal (I used Aleene’s jewelry and metal glue)

~ Statement necklaces that you can take apart or jewelry or bling that you want to add to your purse.


Clutch instructions:

Here is the clutch looking all boring and sad because it didn’t have any embellishments on it.

create a new look by updating your purse


Whoa! Too many embellishments! This statement necklace is certainly making a statement. I am not sure what that statement is, but it is making it. I decided to take it apart and only use 1 rose. I will use the rest in another project.

create a new look by updating your purse

Much better. I think it looks great! BTW, don’t you love my red couch as a background color Smile I think it adds awesomeness to the pictures.

create a new look by updating your purse


Cross body bag instructions:

Once again a sad, boring cross body bag.

create a new look by updating your purse

I added this necklace to the bag. Much better, I think. If you can’t find a necklace like this on it is easy to make with a jewel and different lengths of chain.

create a new look by updating your purse

I think it looks ok, but I think it can look better.

create a new look by updating your purse

Ah yes, this is it! If you can believe it I think it was looking a little plain towards the top

create a new look by updating your purse

Hooray! This is what I am talking about! Perfect!

create a new look by updating your purse


Handbag instructions:

Boring handbag.

create a new look by updating your purse

Add a cute flower statement necklace

create a new look by updating your purse

And tada you have a new hand bag!

create a new look by updating your purse

As  you can see this project is pretty easy, but it adds so much to your purses and handbags. Just make sure you glue on everything really well and let it dry completely before you use it.

Most Popular Pin From Blog and and easy DIY for your calculator


Most Popular Pin

You get a two for one today!

I wanted to share with you on Throw Back Thursday one my most popular pins on Pinterest from my blog. I love seeing what is popular. But this is a fun one that I still love.

Drumroll please……



The most popular pin is the

No Soliciting sign!

no soliciting sign    no soliciting sign

Just a simple print out framed in a cute frame I got from Hobby Lobby and that is it.

It always amuses me when the pizza guy wants to take a picture of the sign. It usually works and it has held up well over the years. Keep on pinning, I love to see what you guys pin. If you want to follow me or any of my boards on Pinterest you can follow me at

Now I can’t just leave you with that throw back, I need to show you a DIY as well


DIY Rhinestone Calculator

I was wandering around Hobby Lobby the other day and I saw a very cute pink rhinestone calculator. I loved it, but I thought to myself that “Hey! you have a calculator and rhinestones, why don’t you make it yourself instead of buying a new one?” So that is what I did.

Rhinestone Calculator

It was easy to do and the side benefit is that no one takes it off my desk anymore Smile and if they do take it, it is easy to find and for me to take it back.


~ calculator (mine was an old one that I have had forever. ) Since my calculator is tan I went with tan colored rhinestones that I had at my house. I wanted this to be a cheap DIY with materials that I had on hand. Maybe not as cute as the pink one I saw, but cute anyway.

~ Rhinestones (I got my package from the dollar store.)

~ E-6000 (of course, I think I am a little obsessed with this glue….)

~ Something to clean the calculator

~ sandpaper or something to rough up the surface.

Rhinestone Calculator


This is a very straight forward project.  Just sand, clean, and glue. So here we go:

1. I sanded my calculator because I thought it would be easier with a sight rougher surface. Just a light sanding will do.

Rhinestone Calculator

2. Clean. I used a wipe and cleaned every crook and nanny, I don’t think my calculator had been this clean since I bought it.

Rhinestone Calculator

3. Start gluing. I used these awesome syringes that I bought from Amazon (here is the link) You don’t to use the syringe, but I find it makes it easier and more precise to apply the glue. This is especially important when you are trying to glue tiny rhinestones.

I know you can still see the blue Texas Instruments logo and model number, but that is ok for me, it really doesn’t bother me. But if it bothers you then I would use smaller rhinestones and try and fill it in more. Or you could paint over the blue part to match the rest of the calculator before you added the rhinestones, then it wouldn’t be as noticeable. Lots of options for what ever look you are going for.

Rhinestone Calculator   Rhinestone Calculator


4. Let dry before using.

Rhinestone Calculator

That is it. I am well on my way to blinging up my entire desk. I wonder what should be next on my list. Suggestions?

Rhinestone Calculator    Rhinestone Calculator

What office supplies have you enhanced?

Easy Cross Stitch Necklace


When I travel (and I do travel a lot for work) I like to keep my hands busy with some kind of craft or needle point. Well, recently I took a trip and I decided to do this little cross stitch kit I picked up a few months ago. I loved the wood pendant and the design was great. The original colors were black and white, but I am not a huge fan of black and white so I opted to do black and gray instead. I finished it on the return flight, so it was my kind of project- quick and easy.

Materials needed:

Cross stitch kit (I used one from Dimensions, I picked it up at Hobby Lobby)


Everything else is included, unless you what to change the color then you will need to get the colors you want.

I opted to change the necklace to a cord rather than the ball chain that is included, but of course that is optional



Here is what the kit looks like and everything that is included. Please forgive these pictures, I took them while I was on the flight and the lighting on the airplane is terrible. The kit comes with needle, thread, pendant, chain, jump ring, and instructions.




Then all you do is follow the easy instructions and start to cross stitch the pendant. If you don’t know how to cross stitch there are a ton of videos on YouTube that can help you and tons of websites as well.

Here is the start of the pendant. (Don’t you just love my safety scissors I have in the background. I wasn’t sure scissors were allowed, so I took my son’s safety scissors he used in kindergarten. Then I trimmed it better when I got home)



Then I did gray instead of white and added the jump ring then I put it on a black cord rather than the ball chain that was included. And that was it, very easy to complete and I love it. I wear it all the time.

Have any of you done a cross stitch kit? I would love to see what you have done.


Super Sparkly Rhinestone DIY Beats Headphones

I am a firm believer that you can never have too much glitter and rhinestones! That being said, I thought I would fix my boring Beats headphones by adding rhinestones. Now they are acceptable to wear out in public 🙂 (You can see that even my sunglasses have rhinestones on them.)20150630_131118

A few weekends ago I went to Estes Park, CO with a few of my girlfriends. If you have never been there, you are missing out, it is one of the most beautiful towns in Colorado. During our girls weekend in between laughing, taking naps, visiting, watching movies, and catching up we spend our time doing crafts. Some scrapbook, some crochet and other just do general crafts. this year I decided to make my headphones sparkle. This is very easy to do, you just have to have patience.

All you need for materials are:

  1. Rhinestones. I used 5mm rhinestones purchased from Amazon
  2. E6000 (any glue that stick to plastic will work)
  3. headphones
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Syringe to help apply the glue. I purchased mine from Amazon
  6. Styrofoam head to help hold the headphone. This is not necessary, but I finds that is helps.
  7. Wax stick for picking up the rhinestones. I purchased mine from Amazon


  1. Lightly sand the headphone. This is just to rough up the surface do that the glue will adhere better
  2. Clean the headphones. This is get all the dust off and get them ready for gluing.
  3. Lay out your pattern. I decided on a ombre look, but do what makes you happy. You can’t see it too well in the photos, but I promise is ombre and it looks pretty cool, if I do say so 😉

    My ombre pattern

    4. Put your headphones on the Styrofoam head and get ready for gluing!


5. Start gluing! I found these terrific syringes that really help with the application of the glue. All you do is put some glue in the syringe and then you put a few dots of glue on the headphones.Take your wax applicator to pick up the rhinestone and place it in the glue. Easy as that.


6. Keep going until you are done. Let it dry over night then you are ready to rock out to your new headphones!






Welcome to my new blog. I will be transitioning things over from my previous blog,, because I realized that I wanted to share more than just my home projects, I wanted to share everything I create. I invite you to follow along with me as I try new things, some successfully and some not so much, and as I do things I have been doing for many years. It is all about creating, whether it is photographs, needle art, scrapbooking, sewing, clay, or even cooking. I love trying to do new things, and I will try almost anything once. So I say welcome, come and play and join me on my journey, I am very excited for you to join me!

DIY Outdoor Ottomans

Since it is spring I wanted to spruce up my front porch. So I started looking around for outdoor ottomans. This is where the problem started, the store bought ones are expensive! $40-$60 each! So, I got to thinking… I think I can make these on my own. I had a couple of rules, they had to stand up the outdoor weather, and it has to double as a chair for additional seating. I went online and looked around for something I liked, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, but it gave me a good start.

Before I explain what I did, here is picture of the finished ottomans. I think they turned out great, what do you think?

To start I found these great planters at Target. They were $20 each, so that is the most expensive part of the project.  I bought 2 for my porch. They are made of a sturdy plastic with thick walls, so it should hold up.

The rest of the project I used left over material, except the fabric. So my total for each ottoman was about $25. I am sure you can find cheaper planters, but I liked these well enough to pay $20

Then I had my husband cut 2 pieces of left over plywood to the shape and size of the openings to the planters. Then I took leftover foam, batting, and new outdoor fabric to wrap and staple the cushion. Just layer the fabric on bottom, then the batting, then the foam and last the plywood, pull tight and staple together. I found the fabric at JoAnne’s and it was on sale, so that made it even better 🙂

All stapled!

 Top view

 Then I had my husband cut 2 boards for each cushion and screwed them into the cushion. This is to help hold it in place so the cushion won’t come off when you put your feet up.

 That’s it, not much to this project! We love how it turned out, and there even storage in the planter, just take the top off and there is hidden storage!

Then I got ambitious and made pillows out of the leftover fabric, so now everything matches.

 Here is a pic of our porch with our lanterns that we hung. Here is the post for that project: Porch Lanterns
We love our porch so much now that we spend most evenings out there.

What do you think? Did you decorate your porch? Send pics, I would love to see them!

Entryway Closet Makeover

Whew, it is finally done! Our entryway closet is now a mudroom! I call it a mudroom, but it could be called a nook, landing area, entryway closet. Mudroom may not be the technical term, but it works for us.

Before we dive into what we did and why, here is a pic of the finished mudroom! We are in love with it! It works perfectly for us and it makes our home feel more open welcoming!

I got the idea from a  pin on Pinterest, it is a wonderful example of turning a closet into a beautiful nook.  House of Smiths did a fabulous job of transforming their entryway closet into a wonderful, functional entry way nook! It was love at first sight! Here is how theirs turned out:

Fantastic, right? Well I had my work cut out for me.  My DH was not as enthusiastic, but he was on board. Our closet is right next to a bathroom and the stairs. Everyone in the house would just throw their coats on the newel post rather than open the closet door and hang up their coat (including me). So I thought hooks and a bench and baskets would be a great solution. Warning, this will be a long post, so hang in there 🙂
Before I get into how we did everything here is a photo of the before and after:

As you can see, we had a standard, small entry way closet. In fact, it was so small that a hanger couldn’t even fit, when the door closed the hangers would turn sideways. We had to work around the bathroom the right of the closet and the wall ended to the left. (no room for expansion to the left because it would interfere with the kitchen) So we had to work with what we had.
Here are some more before pics:
What a horrible mess! Everything was jammed packed!
After emptying out the closet, we took the doors off and took the trim off. We saved it to use for later.

 Then we cut out the door frame and expanded the closet to the studs on each side, making it as wide as possible for out small space. Then we cut up, towards the ceiling. We gave ourselves almost 2 more feet of vertical space!

Then came the drywall work. I will be honest, that is not a favorite for me or DH, but we pushed through. We dry walled the new top of the closet and the edges. Then mud, sand, and texture. You know the drill…

Then we added the trim. I failed on the picture taking at this point. We were working on this for a few weekends and I just forgot to take more pics. Sorry. But I will try and explain what we did. 
First: we added bead board to the entire closet. Top to bottom
Second: we added trim to the edges. We used the trim from the original closet.  But what you say, we expanded the closet and made it taller, how did you get it it fit? Great question, we had some other door trim from a different project we worked on. So we put 2 door trims together and made one really great mudroom. 
Third: We added a decorative trim to the top. You can see it in the after pics
Forth: We added 2 top shelves, they are 12″ deep and a seat that is 24″ deep.
Fifth: After everything was installed it was time to prime and paint. ( I love this part, because it means we are almost done) One coat of primer and 2 coats of paint and we were done. I also painted the wall around the mudroom. The white color is Kwal Aspen White and the wall color is Glidden Warm Caramel .

 Ok, we aren’t exactly done here, but I was too excited to wait, I had to put some jackets on the hooks.  We added hooks and baskets, but no cushion yet. And as you can see the thermometer and door bell are not quite right. We had to adjust them during construction, but as you can see in the final pic they are put back where they belong.

 Before we can finish, I had to make a cushion. Since I don’t sew, I did the staple method. Fabric, then foam then a board and staple it all together.  I found the fabric at JoAnnes, but I am not sure what it is called. But I love the colors and it works perfectly in our entry.

 The finished mudroom! We are in love with it! The hooks are working out great, no more coats on the newel post 🙂 We decided not to put baskets on the ground, instead we put a shoe tray on the floor.

 What do you think? Are you doing a closet makeover as well. I would love to see your closet!

Lessons learned:
1. Projects like this will always take longer than you originally planned
2. Be flexible. You may have to change things mid project.
3. Patience with painting bead board. In order for it to look right you have to paint in all the grooves, so have patience.

After receiving a comment about the bench I thought I would add some pictures on how the bench was built.

 This is a close up of the bench. You can see that there is a 1×4 board supporting the front of the bench.

Here a pic of the under side of the bench. You can see that we added a 1×4 board along the sides and that is what the bench rests on. Then DH added additional 1×4 going lengthwise for support. The boards were attached with “L” brackets.  Hope this help, let me know if you have any other questions!

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