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Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media

Hello Everyone!

I have another fabric mixed media for you today. I am feeling like I need some spring, so I created this hibiscus flower fabric mixed media canvas. 

It was so good to get back into my fabric mixed medias and this one turned out great. 

I just used pink and green fabric as my base, this canvas didn’t need a lot of fabric colors to make it work. 

Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media
Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media

The bold flower in the center works great with the green background. And the gold beads in the center off set the flower perfectly.


Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media
Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media

I love all the texture and interest you get when using fabric. It makes the flower come alive.

Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media
Hibiscus Flower Fabric Mixed Media

If you want to recreate this canvas here is the photo I used as my reference, you are able to use it as a reference photo only. 

Hibiscus reference photo copy write Take Time To Create, LLC
Hibiscus reference photo copy write Take Time To Create, LLC.
Subject to terms and conditions of reference photos.

This has gotten me inspired to create new canvases, I can’t wait to show you what I decide to do next!

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Mixed Media Collage Art #1

Hello Everyone!

I have really been getting into collages. It is a fun way to explore my creative process and really stretch me creatively.

I started with a canvas board and added acrylic paint and stencils and stamps and splatters to add detail and dimension to the background.

Collage art
Collage Art- Man in Saturn

Once I was happy with the background I added the collage pieces on top. I like to find images in magazines and catalogs. You never know what can be combined to create an art piece.

Collage art
Collage Art- Man in Saturn

To finish the piece I added details with paint pens. I think that added he detail that the piece was missing. 

This was a lot of fun and I will continue to explore my collage capabilities this year. 

Where do you fine images to use in your collages?

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Resin Frame and Flowers Mixed Media

Hello Everyone!

Today I have my first project of 2019! and it is a low buy project. So far I am off to a good start, lol (I am starting strong, let’s keep it up).

For this project I had all of the elements and flowers in my stash. It was fun to find so things I forgot I had to actually us them.

I started with a resin frame that I had in my stash. I bought it on impulse from a creative reuse center and didn’t know what I was going to do with it. So it was stored away. Until I decided to do my low buy. So I went digging for something new to play with, and I found this frame. 

frame and flowers
Frames and flowers

I thought the frame looked like a fancy window so I stenciled a swing and created a little scene with flowers and sprays and just about any other mixed media element I could find. 

frames and flowers
Frames and flowers

I loved adding all the flowers, I just kept piling on until I thought the canvas would break, lol. For this project I thought “the more the merrier” and kept on adding. I love how it all turned out and the splashes I added at the end was the perfect way to finish the piece. 

I am looking forward to the new projects I can create using what I own. I am sure there are some hidden jems in my art studio waiting to be found.

Affiliate links to products used or similar ones:
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