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DIY Leaf Bowl From Dollar Store Leaves

Hello Everyone!

Today I have an easy DIY using leaves from the Dollar Store to make a really cute bowl.


I have seen this DIY about 847 times on Pinterest, but I thought that I would add my version to the mix. lol. You can follow me on Pinterest and see all the craziness that I pin.  It is so quick and easy, the longest part is waiting for it to dry…



  • Leaves
  • Mod Podge, foam brush, cling wrap
  • Bowl



Find a bowl that you can use for the mold. We have had this bowl for over 20 years, in fact Dear Hubby had it when we got married. When I first saw it I mentioned to him that it was a great bowl (it is one in a set of 3) and he said “Thanks, I got it at Ace Hardware when I was getting some tools.” lol. Such a man thing to do. Anyway, the bowls are awesome and have held up great! So I thought it would be a perfect mold.  I think I should use the other 2 bowls and make a set of 3 leaf bowls, that would be so cute!

Next wrap cling wrap to the bowl to protect it

Then start adding mod podge and leaves. I used glossy mod podge because that is what I had, but mat would work great as well. Make sure everything is well covered.


Once everything is covered add some cling wrap to the top to help keep everything in place as is dries. It does take a while to dry, but eventually it will dry


Once it is completely dry slowly, and carefully peal off the cling wrap. And there you go a brand new leaf bowl that is perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Fall. It is a little fragile and not the sturdiest bowl, but it is perfect for candy or pine cones or pumpkins, any light weight decor is perfect.



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DIY Mason Jars for the Fall

Mason jars are the best. What is not to love, they are the perfect storage container for just about anything. Also, when I get a jar from my mom there is a good chance that it might already be filled with yummy jelly or jam or salsa or something else equally as good. And that makes the jar that much better.

But for this DIY I am using empty jars that will be filled with candy corn. For us the candy corn season is a major event. And yes, we celebrate the candy corn season very enthusiastically, from beginning to end.


DIY Mason Jars for the fall

I decided to make a festive mason jar that can hold our yummy candy corn and look cute at the same time. Also, we live in a very small house and any decorations need to be small, or very versatile. These mason jars are easy to switch out with the various seasons. In Dec I will show you my Christmas mason jars. So lets get to the tutorial.


  • Mason jar. I pick up some at the dollar store and used ones from my mom. Any jars will do as long as they have the lids with them.

DIY Mason Jars for the fall

  • Fake flowers, I picked mums for the fall, but any will do

DIY Mason Jars for the fall

  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon
  • Window clings. Here are the ones that I found at the dollar store, I love how it looks fall and festive, with out being over the top.

DIY Mason Jars for the fall

  • Candy Corn, or any candy you want to fill your jar with


~ First cut off the stems to your fake flowers. You still want the green part under the flower to hold everything together. I used 3 flowers per jar, but depending on your flowers you might use more or less on your jar.

DIY Mason Jars for the fall

~ Using hot glue, glue the flowers to the top of the jar.

20151017_174131DIY Mason Jars for the fall

DIY Mason Jars for the fall

~ using hot glue, glue your ribbon to the ring of the jar. by only gluing things to the jar lid and the ring and not the jar you are able to switch out the lids (rather than switching out the entire jar) for different holidays.

DIY Mason Jars for the fallDIY Mason Jars for the fallDIY Mason Jars for the fall

~ add a window cling to the jar for more festivity. Window clings are non permanent and reusable making them perfect for this project.

DIY Mason Jars for the fall

~ Add your favorite candy and enjoy! That is it! Enjoy  this easy DIY for fall!

If you want to know how I made the lanterns you can go to this blog post.

And if you want to know how we made the fireplace mantle you can go to this blog post.

DIY Mason Jars for the fall

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