As you can probably tell from my super, sparkly Beats post I am not one to leave my headphones alone. Recently I got a new phone and I came with a set of ear buds. I don’t usually use ear buds, but on occasion I do. But I couldn’t just leave them plain, no way! Crocheting is my new yarn hobby and it is super simple to crochet around any cord. I hope this tutorial makes sense, I just started crocheting and I haven’t created any tutorials for crochet. (and I am finding it is harder than it looks Smile)

20150528_072306   Here is my fantastic son modeling the before picture of the ear buds. He is a good sport.


Here are the materials you need:

  • Yarn (I am loving the bon-bons by Lion Brand. They are the perfect size and the colors are great!)
  • crochet hook
  • scissors
  • needle to weave the ends in with.
  • Ear buds

20150528_072120 (2) Here are my ear buds looking all plain and boring. But not for long!


  • Start at the top of one the ears.  Tie a knot with your crochet hook in it. Then take your hook under the cord, yarn over, bring the yarn and hook around to the top, yarn over, and bring through the 2 loops.
  • It is essentially a single crochet with a cord in the middle

20150528_074522   20150528_074615   20150528_074629

  • Continue down one side of your ear buds until you get to the junction where they combine into one cord. Make a big loop and cut the yarn. Don’t weave in the end yet and keep the loop. After you do the other side you will take this loop and combine it with the other side and continue down the cord.

      20150704_090722   20150704_090935   20150704_091248

  • Crochet the down the other side of the ear bud. Join the two loops in the middle and continue down the cord until you get to the end.


  • I found that I had to stop occasionally and squish it all together so it looked better, otherwise it was too spread out and you could see the cord through the stitches. 

20150528_074700   20150528_075741   20150528_074836

  • Once you get to the ends tie a knot and weave in the ends. Then wear your new stylish ear buds with pride!

A side bonus is they are less prone to tangling, which is always a good thing!

20150717_111138Here is my wonderful son modeling the finished ear buds. Please excuse his wild, unbrushed hair.  Smile


Please let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help you create your own awesome ear buds.  And I would love to see your finished ear buds!