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DIY Straw Flower Hat

DIY Straw Flower Hat

With spring approaching a new straw hat is what everyone needs. And with a few markers you can personalize the hat and add just the right amount of flair.

Hello Everyone!

It has been a while since I did a Dollar Store project and an accessory project, so I thought I would combine the 2 into 1 project.

I have a terrible case of Spring Fever and when I saw these cute straw hats at the Dollar Store I knew I had to get one and decorate it.

diy straw flower hat


The project is simple enough and can be completed in under an hour.



Find a super cute straw hat that you are willing to draw on.
diy straw flower hat


I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, so I thought a dollar was perfect. I also wanted to make this an easy project that could be completed quickly. And I accomplished that as well.

diy straw flower hat


Find a design that you want to draw and go to town. I thought pretty pink flowers were perfect for spring.

diy straw flower hat


Straw is a little harder to work on, but not impossible, just take your time and you will be fine. Pick a design that doesn’t have a lot of detail or it will get muddy on the hat.

This would be a great project with a group or for a girls weekend or with kids.

How are you handling your Spring Fever?

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DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

Have you ever seen a sweater that is just not in style anymore and you know that it could be something else? I had that thought when I saw this sweater my mom was donating. It was wonderful with the embroidery detail, but a little dated.

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

I mean, check out this detail! pretty great.

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

So I decided to repurpose it into a hat!

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

This is a very easy tutorial.

Here is what you do:



~A hat that fits you

~needle and thread or sewing machine.


I lined up a hat that fit me (I love this hat but since it is wool I itch every time I wear it. But I got it in Iceland and it fits perfectly so I keep it. I just need to sew a lining in the hat then I can wear it all the time. That is a project for another time…)

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

Cut around the hat (make sure you don’t cut your hat) and add a seam allowance

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

Turn inside out and pin and sew around the edge. If you line up your new hat with the bottom of the sweater you won’t need to worry about hemming a bottom edge!

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat


Turn right side out and you are done. I decided to cut off some of the really cool flowers and add them to the hat with fabric glue.

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat     DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat


All done! Nice and easy repurposing and now you have a cute hat to rock. Good thing March is typically a snowy month for us, I might be able to wear it this year.

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

DIY Repurposing a Sweater to a Hat

Turn a plain cadet hat into something that will turn heads

As you all know by now I can’t leave well enough alone. I had these two cadet hats that were fine plain, but not I knew that I could make them better with just a few items.

black cadet hat side view     route 66 cadet hat side



~ Hat, almost any hat will do

~ Bling, whatever you want to decorate your hat with

~ E-6000 glue

~ scissors



Black Hat:

1. Plan out your design. This is important so you can make sure you have room for your wonderful design

~ The black hat I used pieces from Hobby Lobby. The big flower is a Fashion Tid Bit and the swirls are from the scrapbook section. I forgot to take pictures while I was working so I went back to Hobby Lobby and took pictures after the fact. That is why you can still see the price tag in the picture.

~ I just cut the swirls out and shaped them to get the look I was going for. I didn’t use the whole package, which is good because that means there is more for me use on a different project!


black cadet hat

2. Glue the design down with E-6000. Even though the swirls have adhesive on them I sill glued them so they would stick really good.

3. Wait 24 hours before wearing to make sure the glue is nice and dry.


Tan hat:

1. Plan the design

route 66 cadet hat

2. Glue the row of rhinestones on near the brim of the hat. I had to cut one of the rhinestone rows to make sure it fit.

3. Glue the patch on the center of the hat.


route 66 cadet hat front

4. Wait 24 hours before wearing to make sure the glue is nice and dry.


Here I am wearing the black hat before I went to Disneyland for the day (so please excuse the lighting Smile ). It held up great, the glue held perfectly and nothing has fallen off yet!



And here I am wearing it at the Hoover Dam with my son.

It is always a lot more fun to wear things you make, do you think? What are your ideas for a new hat?



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