Recycled Glass Vase DIY

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week. Last weekend we had a wonderful relaxing weekend, with not much on the schedule!  In fact, over the weekend is when I finished this recycled glass vase project.

recycled glass vase diy

I have had these little champagne bottles for ever. They were just too cute to throw in the recycling bin and I knew that I  would eventually find the perfect project for them. And I did, I made these cute vases!


~ Glass bottle. (I used the champagne bottle, but you can use almost anything else. For instance a used olive oil bottle. )

Recycled Glass Vase DIY

~ raffia, jute, cord, burlap, ribbon, flowers

~ washi tape and anything else you want to glue on your new vase!

~ Hot glue


#1. The Shabby Chic Vase

~For this vase I used this Natural Polished Hemp and wrapped it around the entire bottle. I did not take of the labels for this vase and the cord did a good job of covering the labels. But if I were to do it again I would take them off. Just keep gluing and wrapping until you cover the bottle. This will take awhile so put a tv show on and go to town.

Recycled Glass Vase DIYRecycled Glass Vase DIY

~ One I was done wrapping I added some burlap ribbon to the base area and then a layer of pretty ribbon.

Recycled Glass Vase DIY

~On the neck I added some brown ribbon and a flower. And there you have it, a cute shabby chic vase. 

Recycled Glass Vase DIY

#2 The Diamond Wrap Vase

~ For this vase I wanted a really fancy, blinged out vase and I think I achieved that look, haha. To start take the labels off and then take the bottle to a well ventilated area to spray paint it. (Confession time: I am not very good at spray painting, I am too impatient to wait between layers and I always make a mess. So usually my hubby takes care of  my spray painting, but I really wanted to get this project done so I didn’t wait for him to get home from work. I thought my cardboard box was good enough to keep the spray paint contained, buuuuuut I may or may not have painted the glass my outside table… Oh well, I guess refinishing the table will be a new project for me to work on this summer. lol)

 Recycled Glass Vase DIYRecycled Glass Vase DIY

~Anyway when you are done painting and it is dry start wrapping the bottle with Diamond Wrap (I found this at the dollar store) Add a flower to the top and you are done. This is perfect for the dinner table or for holidays. Imagine how cool this vase would look in candle light?


Recycled Glass Vase DIYRecycled Glass Vase DIY

Recycled Glass Vase DIY

#3 The Washi Tape Vase

~ I have this wonderful washi tape that I found on Amazon and I thought would look great on the bottle. I just started wrapping the bottle using a different tape for each layer.

Recycled Glass Vase DIYRecycled Glass Vase DIY

~ Just keep going until you are done. Since the bottle is curved the tape didn’t lay flat in all areas, but that is ok, I think it look like it has been aged in a attic for a long time.

Recycled Glass Vase DIY

~ Add a ribbon to the top and a flower and you are done!

Recycled Glass Vase DIY

There you have it, some great vases made from a glass bottles that were headed to the recycling bin!

What have you used to make a vase out of?


Recycled Glass Vase DIYRecycled Glass Vase DIYRecycled Glass Vase DIY

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  1. Cute! I really like the one with the washi tape.

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