Hello Everyone!

it has been a while since I did a sparkle project. But when I found these watches in my costume jewelry stash I just knew they needed some sparkle to make them so much better Smile

DIY Sparkle Watches


I love projects like this, so easy to do, but when they are done they look like a million bucks. They are fun and you can be as creative as you want.


All  you need is a watch (or any piece of jewelry)

glue and Rhinestones.

DIY Sparkle Watches



~ Find the rhinestones you want to use and glue them on using metal glue. That is it. I know, not too hard but really fun!

The first watch I wanted to do a red one. I wear a lot of red and I thought I needed a watch to go with my outfits.

DIY Sparkle Watches

So I took this great bangle watch and added red rhinestones around the edge of the watch face. Be careful not to get glue on the watch face (like me, lol) but some acetone took care of the mess

DIY Sparkle Watches

Then I added some circle and flower rhinestones around the band. I love how this turned out!

DIY Sparkle Watches

DIY Sparkle Watches


The other watch is more of a minimal look (for me at least, lol) It still does have a lot of bling going on.

DIY Sparkle Watches DIY Sparkle Watches

I just glued clear rhinestones on the band since the face had some sparkle going on anyway.

DIY Sparkle WatchesDIY Sparkle Watches

I just glued the rhinestone in between the joint on the band, just be careful not to glue the joints together.

So much fun! What do you have that you are going to bling?