DIY laptop cover

Hello everyone!

The other day I was working on my laptop and just kept getting distracted about how boring it is. I mean, the laptop is just black, no color at all. And you all know me by now, so you know that this just won’t do. I had to fix it!

DIY laptop cover

See much better!


~ Laptop or any electronic

~ contact paper (I found mine on Amazon)

DIY laptop cover

~ Letter stickers (I found mine on Amazon)

~ Exacto knife and scissors



~ Cut your contact paper a little bigger than the laptop

DIY laptop cover

~ Slowly and carefully peal the back off the contact paper and adhere to your laptop. Try to keep it straight and try and keep the bubbles out. I still ended up with bubbles, but that is ok. I think it adds to the creativity

~ Once the contact paper is on then carefully trim the edges with an Exacto knife. Smooth it all down and make sure it is secure

DIY laptop cover


~ I love the chevron pattern, but I felt like it needed more so I added the purple, glitter letters. I think that was the right touch.

DIY laptop cover


DIY laptop cover



That is it! It is a great way to add character and personality to you electronics, and I already feel more productive!

And the best part is this was easy enough that you can change your design often. I have seen some really cute contact paper designs at the dollar store.


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