Hello everyone!

Today I am showing you how I altered another one of those Statement Necklaces I got from Wal-Mart a few months ago. In case you forgot about these Statement Necklaces  here are a few posts about how I altered different necklaces.

You can see them Here, Here, and Here

Part of this necklace will become a new, pretty barrette.

alter a necklace into a barrette















~ Statement Necklace

~ Wire cutters

~ Glue (I used E-6000)

~ Barrette or alligator clip

~ Nail Polish, I used this LA Colors nail polish from the Dollar Store and for the glitter top coat I used a Wet n Wild glitter top coat.

alter necklace into a barrette











~ Here is my necklace in all its glory. There are a ton of colors going on and it is too much, even for me.  Here is a side by side image with what I started with and what I ended up with.

Alter necklace to a barrette













So the first thing you do is take  your wire cutters and cut the necklace apart. You want to separate the clusters.

 alter necklace into a barrette alter necklace into a barrette



















~ Then I painted all the multicolored sections with nail polish a beautiful blue. In hindsight I probably should have painted a base coat of white before I painted the blue, you can see that the colors are slightly different, but not too much. I put on about 3 coats.

alter a necklace into a barrette

~ it is pretty, but it needed a little sparkle. So I painted a glittery top coat. Ahh, much better. You can see the glitter in this pic.  Let it dry completely

alter necklace into a barrette














~ Glue a barrette or alligator clip to the back and you are done.


Nice and easy, and it looks so cute.


alter necklace into a barrette