Easy DIY Scarf Holder

I know I am way late to the scarf train, but now that I am aboard I am all about scarfs! I love how you can take a basic outfit and dress it up with a simple scarf, and they make your wardrobe so much more versatile!

Well now that I have accumulated a fair number of scarfs I ran in to the problem of where to store them. I wanted the in a location that I could see them so I didn’t forget about them in the morning. Also I wanted the scarfs to hang so they didn’t get too wrinkly (less ironing, which is always a good thing)

So we can up with the solution of finding a way to hang them on the back of the closet door. Please excuse any mess you see in my closet, organization is an ongoing problem in there.

Easy DIY Scarf Holder

This is a fast and easy way to hang your scarfs


~ Dowel Rod

Easy DIY Scarf Holder

~ Adhesive hooks (I used 3M Command hooks)

~ Level (for hanging)

~ Duck Tape (Used this great purple Prism color)

Easy DIY Scarf HolderEasy DIY Scarf Holder


~ cut your dowel to length. I wanted 2 rows, so I just cut them the length I needed. We had a saw at home, but the home improvement store can cut it for you if needed.

~ I was worried about the wood snagging my scarfs so I decided to wrap it in Duck tape. It also has the added benefit of being purple and sparkly.

Easy DIY Scarf Holder

~ Attach your hooks to your door, or where ever you want your scarf holder. (My fabulous husband was nice enough to help me hang it up and make sure it was level)

Easy DIY Scarf Holder

Easy DIY Scarf Holder

~ Add the dowel rods

Easy DIY Scarf Holder

~ Add your scarfs and you are done!

Easy DIY Scarf Holder


It was that easy!



  1. This is awesome! Having things organized sure helps getting ready. And it’s so pretty too! I like how you covered the pic pipe. Smart!!! Well done.

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