Now I know this is a super easy project. It is one I did in a few minutes and I love how it turned out.

This is all about seeing the world in a new light, and changing the things that are almost right but not quite.

So this is where this pin transformation comes in to place. I had this pin that was a little bold for my taste as a pin (I bought it on super clearance and couldn’t pass up the deal), but as a barrette it was perfect.


turn a pin into a barrette


~ Pin

~ Barrett

~ glue



1. Pull off the old pin back, you can see the glue that the pin left behind but don’t worry you can’t see it when you are wearing your new barrette. This design had felt as the backing so it was super easy to pull the pin off, if you are working with metal this step is much harder. I don’t have pictures of this step, but you can visualize how it is done.

2. Glue the barrette on to the design.

glue the new barrette to the back     front of my new barrette


3. Rock your new barrette (I even took a bathroom selfie so I could show you what it looks like in my hair Smile )

That is it! I know this may sound too easy but I just wanted to post about how you can turn something that you really don’t care for into something that you absolutely love. I am constantly looking at how I can change things to better suit me and I would love to know more about what you do to change thing to suit you.

Rocking the new barrette