Since it is spring I wanted to spruce up my front porch. So I started looking around for outdoor ottomans. This is where the problem started, the store bought ones are expensive! $40-$60 each! So, I got to thinking… I think I can make these on my own. I had a couple of rules, they had to stand up the outdoor weather, and it has to double as a chair for additional seating. I went online and looked around for something I liked, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, but it gave me a good start.

Before I explain what I did, here is picture of the finished ottomans. I think they turned out great, what do you think?

To start I found these great planters at Target. They were $20 each, so that is the most expensive part of the project.  I bought 2 for my porch. They are made of a sturdy plastic with thick walls, so it should hold up.

The rest of the project I used left over material, except the fabric. So my total for each ottoman was about $25. I am sure you can find cheaper planters, but I liked these well enough to pay $20

Then I had my husband cut 2 pieces of left over plywood to the shape and size of the openings to the planters. Then I took leftover foam, batting, and new outdoor fabric to wrap and staple the cushion. Just layer the fabric on bottom, then the batting, then the foam and last the plywood, pull tight and staple together. I found the fabric at JoAnne’s and it was on sale, so that made it even better ­čÖé

All stapled!

 Top view

┬áThen I had my husband cut 2 boards for each cushion and screwed them into the cushion. This is to help hold it in place so the cushion won’t come off when you put your feet up.

┬áThat’s it, not much to this project! We love how it turned out, and there even storage in the planter, just take the top off and there is hidden storage!

Then I got ambitious and made pillows out of the leftover fabric, so now everything matches.

 Here is a pic of our porch with our lanterns that we hung. Here is the post for that project: Porch Lanterns
We love our porch so much now that we spend most evenings out there.

What do you think? Did you decorate your porch? Send pics, I would love to see them!