It has been a while since I updated the blog…. Sorry

Anyway, I thought I would show off this candle holder that I made by revamping a Goodwill find. As I told my husband, it’s the leaves. Just get rid of the leaves and then it will be great. He wasn’t convinced, so I had to show him.

Here is a before and after pic of the candle holder. It was easy to do, all I had to do is get past the leaves. 🙂

I saw this candle holder at Goodwill and I think it was $4 and since it was 50% off I got it for $2. It was a greenish color and very smooth and it is heavy. As I was looking at it I discovered that the leaves unscrew! Hooray!

 This is what it looks like with out the leaves, improvement here we come!

Then I found a candle plate (if that is even what they are called) at Target. It is a flat base that you put candles on. Anyway, I thought it would be perfect for the holder. I just super glued it to the top in where the leaves were. 

Once I had it all glued together and dry I spray painted it all with Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze (my favorite spray paint color) and put it on my corner shelf (which I love! My husband made it for me, and I will show you how in a different post). In the end, once I was done, my husband did see what I was going for and he was impressed. He really likes it now. 

What do you think? Have you found something at Goodwill or a garage sale that you made into some thing new?
Lesson learned:
Trust your gut, even if your husband can’t see the final vision, do it anyway and surprise him.