Hello Everyone!

A few months ago my mom gave me a box of old buttons. It was fun to go through the buttons and remember what outfits them came from or what she made us. (my mother can create beautiful clothes, a talent that I do not have. But, that is a story for another day) Anyway, as I was going through them I thought it would be nice to showcase some of the buttons.

So, I found a wooden letter “S” at my local craft store. It wasn’t too expensive and with a 40% off coupon the price was even more reasonable. Then I painted the “S” in a cream color, but any color will do.

Then the fun started! I looked through the buttons and found similar ones (I was looking for all in the white/cream family) I wanted a uniform look with the colors, but the sky is the limit. A multi-colored letter would look awesome! Anyway, I digress, then I started gluing the buttons on. I just used craft glue, I am sure most any glue will work if it is strong enough to hold the weight. There was no real rhyme or reason to the gluing. I just started at the top and worked my way down filling in as needed. I stacked buttons on top of each other and made it more dimensional. Just keep adding until you think it is done.

Button Letter

Here it is will the buttons on.
Then I needed a way to display it. So, I glued it onto a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper that I had that looked good with the buttons. Then I put it into a shadow box and hung it in my entry way in my house. If you don’t want to put it in a frame a ribbon on top would look cute, or magnets, or you can put a picture hanger on the back and hang it as is. The options are really endless.

Button Letter


















How will you hang your letter? I would love to see what you come up with!